The LaTrobe Valley Christmas Toy Drive

The LaTrobe Valley Christmas Toy Drive 2016


Toyruns began as a way to show the public that not all riders were the mean brutes the media like to portray. Over time though, the true meaning of a Toy Run became clear - it is a way for our community to exercise their generosity so that all people can enjoy the spirit of Christmas. As each Toy Run grows, so does the logistical effort and constraints but as a community we pull together to remember why we do this in the first place. For those in need. So bring your car, bring your motorcycle, bring your family but most of all bring your spirit and generosity.
by popular demand


Saturday 3rd of December.

from 10:00am to 2pm at Old Gippstown, Moe.


All receipts of toys and food will be presented to the Salvos and Vinnies in support of local families in need. For more info and to arrange early pick-up of toys call Alf!


Contact Alf Vella 0412 313 168